Friday, March 13, 2009

Tell us how you REALLY feel...

From Brendan over at the Rott:

I intend to do to Obama, what you did to President Bush for eight years.

And I intend to enjoy every single moment of it..including the day when he is impeached, convicted and thrown out of office.


Every screwup held up to the light

Every incompetence, every mistake, every gaffe. Every time he opens his mouth, he shoves both feet in it…when, of course, he isn’t using his TelePrompter.

Ol’ JugEars has been in office less than three months, and he is already the idiot you claimed Pres. Bush was.

I will hear no more from you about Pres. Bush’s military career.
Obama never served.
Obama is a coward.
Obama is a liar, has lied, will continue to lie.
Obama can’t get one member of a cabinet without them being liars, crooks, tax cheats or with enough skeletons in their closet to make up a chorus line.
Obama is incompetent.

Petard. Hoist.

Payback’s a BITCH.

I only disagree on one thing. He's so inept, he manages to shove both feet in it even WITH a TelePrompter.

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Sleep_Deprived_Momma said...

Obama actually frightens me and that is saying a lot. I don't scare easily but something about him makes me fearful for all of us