Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hier kommen die Geheimestaatspolizei

They're coming for you.

They've already branded a 16 year old kid a "terrorist" under the "Patriot Act" and locked him away, possibly for good.

DHS has basically labeled anyone who disagrees with the socialists a "terrorist" or "extremist". If you believe in that outmoded document called the "Constitution" you're an extremist,

and YOU WILL get the same treatment as this kid, or worse.

This isn't game time, people. These f*&#ing Nazis are serious, and they WILL come for you. His mother never dreamed that the jackbooted thugs would come and take her baby away to Siberia, but they did. What makes you think that you're exempt????

As far as this "government" is concerned, the Constitution is dead.

I swore an oath 27 years ago to support and defend it, from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath never expired, as far as I know, and there are plenty of domestic enemies of the Constitution floating around.

Draw your own conclusions. I'm sick and tired of watching my country go down the tubes.

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matthiasj said...

I'm right there with you Crusty. We're going to hell in a hand basket. I would like to know what that text message the boy sent really was. I'm sure it was nothing serious...If they come for me in the middle of the night they'll have a hell to pay.