Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ahmadinnerjacket is proclaimed the rightful ruler of Iran, despite allegations of fraud. Mousavi and his supporters are silenced and killed. Nary a word from the U(seless) N(itwits) or Pasha Hussein Al-Chicago. The despot wins.

Zelaya in Honduras tries to pull an Obama and illegally extend his presidency in violation of their Constitution. The courts and the military stand up for their oath and depose the despot. You think that this would be hailed as a triumph of the democratic process...

Uh, no?

The UN "demands" the restoration of this wannabe dictator. Pasha Hussein says he is still "the democratically elected president." All the other commie warlords in Central America want him back. The only people that don't are the people of Honduras.

You'd think THEIR opinion would matter, wouldn't you?

Someone floated the idea that Buraq is so opposed to this because he's afraid that the same thing will happen if he tries it here.

I can't say I disagree.

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Anonymous said...

You're exactly right Crusty. He's scared we'll do the same to him.

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