Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Got enough?

Bet a lot of you don't think about toothpaste when you prep, huh?

Gotta stay reasonably clean when TSHTF.

I had been buying 6.something ounce Colgates at Kroger for a buck when they reduced them. Today ChinaMart had 4.7 ounce Colgates for a quarter each.

Needless to say, that particular shelf is empty.

We have over 50 tubes of toothpaste in the preps, and about 30 toothbrushes. If nothing else, they'll make decent barter material.


matthiasj said...

Sounds like a great deal you got. At least after SHTF we'll know your breath is going to smell good!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Sleep_Deprived_Momma said...

hey, what's with the "I'D been buying" stuff??? I want some of the credit for our storage too darn it :-P