Friday, August 28, 2009

Algore Invented It

0bama owns it.

Or he will, if the National Socialists Demoncraps get their way.

I've been preaching on this for a while.

Get LINUX. Not Windows. Windows already phones home to Micro$oft; it only takes a few tweaks for it to call the .gov and tell them everything you're doing. Assuming it doesn't already. Linux is open source; the code is out there for everyone to see - no hidden crap for the .gov to exploit, plus bugs actually get fixed in a timely manner.

Get GPG (GNU Privacy Guard). Encrypt all your stuff.

Learn how to set up a BBS (Bulletin Board System) on a landline.

Just like the "old days" back in the 90s with the Paul Revere Network and others.

Still don't think it can happen?


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Frightening stuff.

Tangalor said...

I've been waiting for this, actually.. I helped my mom run a 6 line BBS way back in the 1200baud modem days... then 2400 came out, man.. lightening fast... 14.4k, holy crap!... 56k.. warp 10, make it so number one!

Ahh, the fond memories of the lines buzzing at 3am, and playing tradewars... I wish I were 12 again.