Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crusty's Quote of the Day

From Peter Schiff:

What’s probably going to happen in a couple of years is we’ll need a bailout for all the people who bought cars with their cash for clunkers money and can’t afford to make their payments.

Yeesh. I was saying this on day one. People who had working cars with no payments and liability-only insurance now have monthly payments and full-coverage insurance.

Stupid. All those serviceable cars destroyed in the name of government control, and more people saddled with payments they won't be able to make when they lose their jobs.

Not to mention that if you lose your job and own your car, at least you still have your car to find/get to work. If you lose your job and have a car payment, you lose the car, too, and have no way to find/get to work.

I say again.


But did we really expect otherwise from the government?

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Sleep_Deprived_Momma said...

Truthfully, you can't just blame the government on this one. No one forces people to leave aside their brain cells and buy into this. It's completely voluntary. Ignorance will always find a way to be...well... ignorant.