Friday, September 4, 2009

Crusty's Quote of the Day

From Mike commenting on the Agitator:

When the economy collapses, the people will no longer have their prosperity to prop up the illusion that they are genuinely free. Wealth itself is not freedom, in fact it tends to make people put up with abuses that they’d never tolerate as a poorer, prouder people like we were in 1776. If the economy gets worse, and the dow hits 5000 or less for at least a year, it will be very interesting times for the pigs.

That's most of the problem, and that's why the .gov has all their little programs. As long as they keep the sheeple fat and happy, they won't bitch too loudly, and the ones who do are so few that they can single them out as rabble and dispatch them without too much uproar from the populace.

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