Sunday, September 27, 2009


According to Wikipedia:

Countermeasures may include the use of passive hearing protection (earplugs, headsets), which may bring the sound down to ineffective levels. In addition, sound could be reflected from a solid surface, and redirected back to the originator.

Or from a parabola?

Like an old satellite dish?

Or a stainless steel bowl?

That could make life really interesting, couldn't it?

Any ideas?

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Tangalor said...

Hmm.. interesting.

For example, A simple thin concave piece of metal. The smoother it is, the better it will work.

Effectiveness is gained by the amount of area this piece of metal would be taking up. A satellite dish would be okay, but heavy, and not metallic on the outside unless the paint (if it's metal at all) is removed and it's polished.

Think rolls of flashing from home depot... sheet metal. you could make it as big as you wanted it, providing you have the space for such an endeavor...

Think 6'X6'.

After it is made (with simple planning and some rivets) polish that bad boy up with some never-dull.

I'd do some test-runs to see how it would pan out (pun intended).