Friday, September 18, 2009

What. The. Fuck.

The economy is tanking. Obongo is throwing Eastern Europe under the bus so's that he has more room to undo Putin's fly. Unemployment is through the roof, people's credit is for crap, and things are generally shit on a shingle.

And the fucking asshole government has nothing better to do than regulate FUCKING GARAGE SALES?????

We pay these morons money so they can prosecute soccer moms who sell stuff like a goddamned EASY BAKE FUCKING OVEN?????

WHY in God's holy Name haven't these COMMUNIST FUCKS been strung up in the nearest tree????


WHY haven't the people risen up and thrown these stupid assholes out????



Tangalor said...

Excuse me while I attempt to muster up some surprise.

Jim said...

Ssssh, pipe down, American Idol is on for crying out loud!