Saturday, October 17, 2009


Been busy.

Momma's been busy, too :)

The date on the photos is wrong... one of the chilluns must have gotten his mitts on the camera :p


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Nice job! That should hold you over for a while.

Tangalor said...

Sweet! Wish I had a basement :P

Crustyrusty said...

It's nice... first one I've had since I was a kid. If we have to move, that's a deal breaker... gotta have a basement.

Tangalor said...

Lucky. My parents have a basement. In Florida. I don't even have a friggin' attic. We have a storage closet (in our new place) where I've been putting food. We got a heavy-duty rubbermade 5 shelf storage/utility thing for our housewarming gift (its the only thing i asked for lol) and that's quite full, so I plan on putting another one in there. :)