Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear Barry, Harry and Nan...

Do you think that the 15,679,730 NICS checks since the 08 elections (as of 11/09), which represent at least one gun, if not more, per check, were done because the general populace of the USA TRUST you people?

How much further do you think you can push?

If this "Slaughter Maneuver" goes through, it will be the most blatant disregard of the Constitution ever, a slap in the face of the American people, and most likely the last casus belli, when folks say "no more."

You say that being voted out this year is an acceptable price to pay for HellCare.

I don't buy it. You wouldn't pull a stunt like this unless you were absolutely sure your positions were secure. Megalomaniacs like you do not willingly give up power.

I think, though, that you underestimate the people. We put up with a lot to live peaceful lives, but there is a limit to what we will tolerate.

You believe that the people will roll over and accept this. You think that opposition to this is "manufactured" by a bunch of right-wing "teabaggers" (a term which I think is really a Freudian slip on the part of those who use it, indicative of their latent desires, but I digress...), but I'm pretty sure that you underestimate not only the opposition to this move, but also the resolve of the average person.

We don't all sit on our asses and watch American Idol 24/7.

And we're the ones with the means to fix things should you decide to take the ballot box option away.

I pray to God you people wise up, but I doubt you will, based on watching your prior antics.

I weep for this country, for what is coming over the horizon.

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sofa said...

The marxists raped and pillaged America. Eventually the people will wonder why their a$$ is bleeding. Balkanization is now the most likely outcome.

Amazing how effective those marxists are. It pisses me off, but they did it. Just what they wanted.