Saturday, April 4, 2009

OK, what's not right here?

This article on Fox News states that the Pakistani Taliban are claiming responsibility for the shootings in New York.

The rest of the world evidently is getting it.

Google this, though and you'll find that Fox is the ONLY US source for this.

The Chinese know about it fercryingoutloud.

Which begs the question. Why is this?

Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that if this were a terrorist attack,

a. Barry looks like shit 'cause he can't protect our borders (but we knew this, right?)

b. Won't work as an excuse for disarming the people (have to get the guns away from those psycho Americans, y'know...)

c. ZOMG it actually makes Bush look good for keeping this from happening again for 8 years. Can't have that... :p

They'll bury this and continue the psycho fired IBM worker story so's they have another excuse for more gun bans when the time comes.

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Sleep_Deprived_Momma said...

You mean they NEED an excuse?