Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Republican Comeback?

So says this article....

They don't get it. The people are finally getting it.

The Stupid Party is only 6 degrees off the Evil Party.

They both spend money they don't have.

They both expand the federal government and infringe on people's freedoms.

They both lust after power, and will do anything to hang onto it, and damn the populace.

The only difference is that the Evil Party does all this in the open. The Stupid Party does it while claiming that they're against it.

I'm looking for a party that actually supports the Constitution and limited federal government. I doubt I'll ever find one.

So I continue to buy ammo.

Pretty sad, innit?


Anonymous said...

There is no difference in the two parties, other than the rhetoric. Republicans preach fiscal conservatism & limited government but their actions speak WAY louder than their words when they vote for the same things the Democrats do. It's not about both parties, it's about keeping the status quo. There is no real difference in either party. The Obama administration isn't doing a thing different than the Bush administration did. So why aren't the Republicans happy?

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James A. Zachary Jr. said...

You said it! The Republicans do not represent me today any more than the Democrats do.

I'll continue to vote early and often. I may just start voting Libertarian. Wasted vote? Maybe not... if the major parties see enough voters looking for alternatives they may just start listening.

One of these days a third party will be viable in this country.